Free: Self-Work Checklist

Who is this for?

If you are drawn to self-development but often get caught in the cycle of having good intentions + life getting in the way + no action = guilt .... and want to actually make some changes this is for you.

What's included?

Learn about the 4 elements that actually make a difference when it comes to doing self-development work. Apply these 4 elements to anything you do in the self-development work and you are accelerating the growth and transformations.

Why use it?

I created this list for myself, first and foremost, as it was these 4 elements that has supported my own self-development become way more effective. I also use it with every single one of my 1:1 clients and within my programmes. This is the not-so secret sauce and I want you to have this knowledge too.


And what is great about this system is that it is totally timeless. You can use it again and again.

I hope you enjoy using it.

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