Confidence Masterclass

Welcome to the Confidence Masterclass!

What is this?
A mini-course which combines a recorded Masterclass, action steps, and practical tools to build confidence.

Who is it for?
Anyone who is excited about accelerating their confidence for wherever they are in their journey.

The results?
Self-love, empowerment and a new sense of confidence in yourself. See some of the reviews below 🤩

What's included?
You will learn the 4 main hurdles that hold people back from being their most confident selves & how to overcome them.

We also cover:
✨ What confidence actually is
✨ Why lack of confidence exists
✨ The foundations of mastering limiting beliefs
✨ How to step out of your comfort zone
✨ and other practical ways to continue growing this life-changing skill...

How long is it?
All-in-all, this mini-course will take you roughly 1hr to complete start to finish with the actual masterclass being 47-minutes long.

What's the investment?

How do I start?
Click here.


🌱 "I gained an understanding of what confidence is and some really solid action points for how I can improve my confidence. Marina you clearly practice what you preach as you are glowing with confidence, and you really gave me hope in the session that this is something we can all aspire to!"

🌱 "Marina's Confidence Masterclass is the perfect first step if you're not happy about where your confidence is currently at. It's only an hour, and not a steep investment, but even in that one hour, I have left feeling more motivated to put the steps into practice, know to become an observer of my limiting beliefs and become more curious of my beliefs and of myself as a person. Lastly, I have left with tangible next steps to continue the work for self discovery and the journey of self confidence"

🌱 “I gained a lot - I've read lots of 'self-help' books and blogs, but what I found most helpful was how all the information was collated together in an easy-to-understand format that you could take notes easily for + there were real-life examples and, crucially, practical follow up steps.”

🌱 “Keep doing what you're doing - it was absolutely fantastic. Really well structured and presented. I really like the fact you focussed on three key areas, and then provided an example of each, and then gave solid action points on what we can do to address each of these three areas.”

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